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Game Bundle Give-Away
The Bundles
Official Rules
We're giving away three separate game bundles on Episode 100. Before then, there are a few things you'll need to do if you want to enter the drawing. These are the official rules for the contest.

  1. Listen to the podcast. Over the course of eight (8) episodes, from #90 to #97, you'll hear two code words, for a total of sixteen (16) code words. If you're a new listener and you want to enter the contest, you'll need to listen back to those prior episodes to get the code words. The best way to listen is to subscribe to the show on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, or YouTube.

  2. Don't share the code words. The idea is to draw in listeners. Collecting and posting the code words for others to see kind of defeats that, and goes against the spirit of the contest. We want this to be fair and fun for everybody.

  3. Decide which bundle you want. Photos are above, and a more detailed description of each bundle is on this page below the rules. You can only enter the drawing for one bundle, so choose wisely.

  4. One entry per household. To keep things fair for everybody, we're allowing only one entry per household. Please enter only once. Again, we want this to be fair and fun.

  5. Don't be late. Entries must be received a few days before Episode 100. Specifically, your entry must be received by Sunday, June 5th, 2016, at 11:59 PM CDT (Central Daylight Time). However, entries should not be sent before Wednesday, May 18th, 2016, since that's the scheduled release of Episode 97 where the final two code words are given.

  6. Enter via email. During the entry period described above, you must send us an email that serves as your official entry. Yes, an email. We could do a web form or something, but this is quicker. You can add whatever comments you want, an acceptance speech we can read on the show if you win, or just whatever, but your email must contain the following information:

    • All sixteen (16) code words.
    • Your real name (only for us, and for shipping).
    • A nickname we can read out if you win (if different).
    • Your physical mailing/shipping address.
    • Your choice of bundles: Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox.
    • The email subject should be Video Game Contest Entry
    • The email should be sent to podcast@vggpodcast.com

  7. Get permission, if needed. Some of the games are rated "M" for Mature, and aren't suitable for kids. If you're under 18 and plan to enter the contest, please make sure you check with your parents first. We don't want to get us or you in trouble with your parents.

  8. It's a random drawing. Winners will be chosen at random. In fact, prior to Episode 100, I'll create a program that shuffles all the entries multiple times and selects a random winner for each of the three bundles. The drawing will happen after the entry deadline, and we might even take a video to share when we announce the winners on Episode 100.

  9. The rules can change. Hopefully they won't, and we'll make sure to mention it on the podcast if they do, but we reserve the right to change the rules if deemed necessary. This is mainly so that if we forgot something, or if things get out of hand, we can make course corrections. We also reserve the right to cancel the contest entirely, but we don't plan to do that except in some extreme cheating situation or something. We can also disqualify entries that don't follow the official rules.
Optional Rules
In addition, here are some optional rules. Suggestions, perhaps. You're on the honor system here, but these are a few things that would help out the show. Again, these things are completely optional. What matters most are the official rules above.

  1. Make sure you want the games. These are NTSC/UC games, possibly known also as Region 1. Some of the newer games might be region free, but that's something you'd need to research if unsure. Some of the bundles span multiple console generations, which not all gamers may own. If you already own most of the games, or see too many that you're just not interested in, or can't play most of them for whatever reason, it might be better to skip the contest.

  2. Spread the word. We know our show isn't right for everybody, given that it's hosted by an old guy and a kid. But we enjoy doing it, and we think free games have a wide appeal. Feel free to retweet our Twitter announcement or share our Facebook announcement and spread the word.

  3. Subscribe to the show. There are several places where you can subscribe to the show, although iTunes is perhaps the most important for our visibility. This benefits us, but also you, because you'll never have to remember to go looking for the latest episode.

  4. Rate and review the show. Again, this is most important on iTunes, but there are other places to rate and review VGG, including Stitcher. We would really appreciate it.
The Bundles - Details
The following games are included in the bundles. Note that some of them are backwards compatible; Nintendo DS games work on the 3DS, Wii games work on the WiiU, some original Xbox games work on the 360 and some 360 games work on the Xbox One (although I don't know if any of these do), and PlayStation 1 games work on all models of PS2 and PS3.

These bundles are meant to be a good mix of games, ranging from critically acclaimed hits to divisive cult classics, games for all ages and games just for the grown-ups. Some are semi-rare and moderately valuable. Others are more common but interesting. Some are collector's editions containing art books and soundtracks too. It's a little bit of everything.

For a larger image of each bundle, click the photos at the top of this page.

Xbox Bundle
Mass Effect 3 - N7 Edition  Xbox 360  Open  [M]
Killer is Dead - Collector's Edition  Xbox 360  Open  [M]
Perfect Dark Zero - Collector's Edition  Xbox 360  New  [M]
Deadly Premonition  Xbox 360  New  [M]
Bioshock Infinite - Premium Edition  Xbox 360  New  [M]
Enslaved - Odyssey to the West  Xbox 360  New  [T]
Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom  Xbox 360  New  [T]
Star Ocean - The Last Hope  Xbox 360  New  [T]
Lost Odyssey  Xbox 360  New  [T]
Infinite Undiscovery  Xbox 360  New  [T]
de Blob 2  Xbox 360  New  [E10+]
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes  Xbox 360  New  [M]
Tom Clancy's Classic Trilogy  Original Xbox  New  [T-M]
Phantom Dust  Original Xbox  Open  [T]
007 - From Russia With Love  Original Xbox  New  [T]
Nintendo Bundle
Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition  Wii  New  [E]
The Last Story  Wii  New  [T]
Cursed Mountain - Collector's Edition  Wii  New  [M]
Goosebumps - Horrorland  Wii  New  [E10+]
Kirby's Epic Yarn  Wii  New  [E]
Metroid - Other M  Wii  New  [T]
Resident Evil 4  Wii  New  [M]
Muramasa - The Demon Blade  Wii  New  [T]
Fragile Dreams - Farewell Ruins of the Moon  Wii  New  [T]
Adventure Time - ETDBIDK Collector's Edition  3DS  New  [E10+]
Kid Icarus - Uprising  3DS  New  [E10+]
Rabbids Rumble  3DS  New  [E10+]
Resident Evil Revelations - Misprint Version  3DS  New  [M]
SolatoRobo - Red the Hunter  DS  New  [E10+]
Super Princess Peach  DS  New  [E]
PlayStation Bundle
Republique - Contraband Edition  PS4  New  [M]
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix - Limited Edition  PS3  New  [E10+]
Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix - Limited Edition  PS3  New  [E10+]
Final Fantasy X/X-2 - Limited Edition  PS3  New  [T]
Magus  PS3  New  [T]
The Sly Collection  PS3  New  [E10+]
htoL#niq - The Firefly Diaries - Limited Ed.  Vita  New  [T]
Sakura Wars - Premium Edition  PS2  New  [T]
Persona 3 - FES  PS2  New  [M]
Persona 4  PS2  New  [M]
Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII  PSP  New  [T]
Parappa the Rapper  PSP  New  [E]
Final Fantasy VII - Greatest Hits  PS1  Open  [T]
Final Fantasy VIII - Greatest Hits  PS1  New  [T]
Final Fantasy IX - Greatest Hits  PS1  New  [T]